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Virtual Winter Dance Festival

The Bailando International Dance Festival presents a ....



Key Features of the Festival:

                  - Entirely virtual!

                  - Master Classes are pre-recorded and streamed via Vimeo

                  - Two live watch parties of the showcase and performance

                  - Accessible from Jan. 29, 8 am - Feb. 1, 11:59 pm

                  - COMPLETELY FREE!

Information on how to register and access the festival is below!


OPENS: JAN 1, 2021
CLOSES: FEB 1, 2021

Travis Prokop

 Theatrical Jazz

 Commercial Jazz

Randall Flinn

Advanced Modern

Sarah Gonzalez

Elevated (Heels)

Joel Rivera

Hip Hop



Veronica Yañez


Do you want to showcase your work at a international dance festival?

Features of the Choreographer's Showcase:

                  - A live watch party at 7:00 pm on Friday, Jan 29!

                  - A opportunity to provide and receive positive feedback!

                  - Pieces presented from around the world!

How have you kept dancing over
the past several months?

We would like to share how dance has survived and thrived so works developed during the Covid-19 pandemic are encouraged to submit!

Click on the image to find out more about the company.

Houston, Texas

Costa Rica

Featured Companies

Features of the Guest Artist Performance:

                  - A live watch party at 7:00 pm on Saturday, Jan 30!

                  - A chat box so everyone watching can connect and comment on
                    their favorite pieces!

                  - Watch two professional dance companies from your own home!

 How to register and attend:

                  1. Click the button below to go to our registration website

                  2. Select the amount of tickets you would like 

                  3. Fill out the corresponding info

                  4. Choose where the confirmation email will be sent

                  5. Click "Submit"

                  6. On the Confirmation Page, select how you would like to receive
                      each ticket on the right side of the page.
                  7. Enjoy the festival!

 If you have any issues, please contact

Click on an image to find out more about the presenter and their classes.

 The window for choreography submission has closed, but we encourage you to join us for the live watch party!
Register by clicking the button above or for more detailed information scroll down to our Registration section.