Amberly Daniels – Contemporary Fusion: Dive into this contemporary fusion class to push your technique and allow you to explore new forms of movement. Focus on musicality as you match your movement to the sultry tones and powerful bass in the music.

Andrew Smith – Commercial Jazz Dance: A combination of Jazz technique, commercial movement and hip-hop swag to today’s Pop music. The class will follow a traditional Jazz class format and will include a section of authentic Pilates vocabulary to ensure a proper warm-up. Students will work on various dance skills (Leaps, Turns, Jumps) and work on combining said skills with stylized, contemporary movement from today’s genre of Commercial Dance.

Annie Lee – Contemporary: This class will focus on finding your own artistry in contemporary phrases, as well as, exploring the line between concert and commercial contemporary dance.

Cynthia Garcia – Broadway Tap: Broadway Tap is an intermediate/advanced class that aims to explore common tap dance fundamentals and vocabulary set to some unique Broadway show tunes. Let's flip the script! This won't be your average Broadway Tap class!

Elijah Alhadji Gibson – Contemporary Jazz:   This class will follow the structure of a classical jazz class through warm-up, across the floor, and combination while implementing the spine articulation and structured improvised movements indicative of contemporary dance.

Elisa De La Rosa – Contemporary Tex-Mex Fusion: Dive into a contemporary Tex-Mex Fusion, a bit of traditional elements mixed with contemporary latin fusion. All are welcome.

Holly S. Waxman – Intermediate Ballet: Holly will lead you through a ballet class covering basic ballet principles: proper alignment, use of kinesthetically sound turnout, use of the plie, change of weight, musicality, and preparation for jumps, turns, and center work. We will have fun as we work on our ballet technique!

Jane Sawyer – Horton Technique: Jane Sawyer teaches a foundational Horton class with influences from Graham and Dunham techniques. As a certified graduate of the Alvin Ailey Professional Division, she draws on her knowledge of this classical pedagogy to adapt fortifications and traveling steps that are appropriate and accessible to the dancers who come to her class. Her professional performing experience with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater influences her teaching style as well, making her class a dynamic and in depth dive into the joy of Horton technique.

Joel Rivera – Hip Hop Transitions and Freezes: A hip hop class involving floorwork, freezes, and transitions. The class is designed to teach students multiple ways of manipulate/train their bodies to move through the floor, air, and freeze

Joel Rivera – Hip Hop: All Styles - A hip hop class concentrating in mixing different styles of Hip Hop into one routine.

Jose Angel Cuevas Machorro – Full Action /acrodance- contemporary floorwork: About Full Action: This workshop is focused on the development of the necessary technical bases for the application of floor work, acrobatic and dance elements. Seeking flow, articulation, care and body awareness while performing a technical, physical and creative training. The methodology applied is an eclectic teaching system since it seeks to mix elements of different movement techniques such as contemporary dance, martial arts, acrobatics and street dance. All this to find a good handling of impulses and dynamic alignments during movement.

Kate Burrill – Dancers, Drummer, Dreamers: Guided Improvisational movement, exploratory and self reflective led by the heart of the drum.  Class will include rhythmic, vocal, and visual arts to culminate in a unique class portrait through dance.

Mary Chase – Off Your Feet: This Bartenieff Fundamentals-inspired contemporary class explores how we can develop dynamically aligned bodies: strong-agile-and articulate through the breakdown of Developmental Patterns into complex sequences. Expect to roll, dive, jump, swing and turn inside, upside down and backwards all off your feet.

Randall Flinn – Intermediate/Advanced Modern: Randall’s class is a dynamic fusion of modern and contemporary dance techniques. Floorwork, Center-work,  Across the floor, and choreography are all important components of the class structure. His movement vocabulary is fluid, sequential, and beautiful.

Richard Bowman – Ballet Master Class: Master Classes in Ballet for ages 10 to Adult

Shaun Keylock – Contemporary Modern: Within a clear structure of exercises, this energetic contemporary dance class thoroughly prepares the body for performance. Blending somatic awareness and contemporary technique, students are given movement resources to build greater awareness and control of the dancing body. Each class builds in momentum and ends by using phrase work to propel through the space changing direction, levels, and timings. This class enables dancers to move beyond their physical centers and experience more freedom and daring in their dancing. Leave class feeling sweaty, organized, and inspired! 

Stephanie Sermas – Choreographing Intention: This class asks participants to explore movement creation by using descriptive words, ideas, and emotions as the point of intention.  Through an exercise that mimics the "Telephone" game of our childhood, participants will work to create an original composition solo (in any genre) that can stand alone in silence.  Once these solos have been created, the group will then view these solos and explore what happens when music is added.  Participants will need to bring a device and earphones that will allow them to listen to music quietly in order to complete this process.

Stephanie Sermas – Tap Rhythms and Choreography: This class takes as stylistic approach to tap dance and choreography. The structure of the class takes students through a warm-up, quick skills review, rhythm work, and finally choreography. Students work to pick up intricate choreography quickly, while applying the stylistic foundations of rhythm tap and hoofing.

Suhasini Muthukrishnan – Keertanam: A piece in praise of lord Shiva “Keertanam “is a piece  -on lord Shiva, where you learn and find a balance of abhinaya- expression and dance moments in Bharatanatyam.

Travis Prokop – Theatre Jazz: This class encourages self-expression while giving awareness to our use of body weight, and efficiency of muscle use to facilitate body alignment. Examining the worlds of commercial and concert jazz dance, with focus on personal performance and character subtext, this class will include a warm up, a small across the floor section and conclude in a self-expressive, feel good combination.

Veronica Yanez – Intermediate Classical Ballet: Ballet master class for intermediate/advanced dancers. This class will include a warm up at barre, work in the center, and a final combination.

Master Classes

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Class Descriptions listed according to Guest Faculty