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2017 master class schedule

2017 class descriptions

Ad Deum Dancers (Company Repertoire): Join the company members from Ad Deum Dance Company in learning some movement and phrasing utilized in their company repertoire, performed in venues all over the world! This class is an intermediate/advanced level of contemporary modern and ballet movement. 

Amberly Altamirano and Allie Durbin (Jazz): Ready to get your groove on? Come join us for a fun and soulful contemporary jazz class. This class is designed to get you moving, with stretching, strengthening and a fun ending combination you won't want to miss. Let's get groovy! 
Jee Eun Ahn (Contemporary Forms): Ahn’s class challenges dancers to find both their mind and body awareness, and also their potential for breaking their boundaries. The class will begin by focusing on breathing exercise and utilizing the floor which will allow dancers to investigate articulating different body parts and using efficient muscularity in the body. By continuing seamless flooring and standing phrases, dancers will learn the relationship and connection between their bodies and ground. Moving to large traveling phrases, the dancers will be allowed to play with given structure, and they will experience to find interesting possibility with their own voice and artistry. Ahn will use various techniques and approaches and flexibly adjust depending on dancer’s needs in class. 
Shannon Benton (African Fusion): This high-energy class blends West African - influenced movement with upbeat rhythms and a whole lot of fun. Be prepared to sweat, smile, and shake loose 
Orlando Canova (Contemporary Ballet Choreography): This class will consist of a short ballet warm up, and group excorcises to build choreography. Participants will be given phrases which will be manipulated by group tasks to create longer choreographic pieces.  
Mark Chaves (House): This is an advanced beginner movement class that will start with education on hip-hop house movement, foundation, across the floor and phrase work at the end.  
Thom Clower (Int/Adv Ballet): Description coming soon. 
Wesley Cordova (Tap): An upbeat and fun intermediate tap class that focuses on rhythm, style, and sound. 
Victoria DeRenzo/Jared Doster (Partnering): This is an advanced partnering class that pushes dancers to think outside of the box. This class builds on basic principles such as weight sharing, leverage and lifting in order to expand the dancer's tool box. The class breaks down complicated moves and explains proper lifting technique to ensure dancer longevity and safety. Dancers are introduced to basic principles for a warm up, then progress on to more advanced techniques resulting in a partnering combination. 
Randall Flinn (Advanced Contemporary/Gala Warm Up): This class is a dynamic fusion of foundational modern techniques (Graham, Limon & Horton) presented in the relevant movement stylization of today’s contemporary training. This class will also serve as a warm up for those Guest Artists and selected dancers that will participate in the Gala Celebration. 
Anna Handelsman (Beg/Int Ballet): Classical ballet technique progressing from barre to center practice, focusing on correct execution and placement within each movement. 
Dani Hammack (Graham Technique): Modern dance technique class with emphasis on the Martha Graham technique where the fundamentals of the contraction and release and spiral are introduced.  Dancers are challenged and encouraged to utilize these tools throughout the class to develop a wider range of movement dynamics. 
Valentin Hernandez (Int/Adv Hip Hop): In this class you can expect to get a better understanding of musicality and controlled isolations of the body, mixed with grooving, character, and execution.  
Shannon Mockli (Finding Sensation and Self in Contemporary Technique): This is a contemporary modern dance technique that uses improvisation and imagery to promote moving with sensation. The class material is fluid with a strong use of floor work and emphasis on spinal articulation. 
Suhasini Muthakrishnan (Pushpanjali): PUSHPANJALI is pushpa- flowers, Anjali- Salutations. It is an offering of flowers to god through dance. All are welcome. They will be learning about the ancient dance form. This is an Indian classical dance from a place called Tamilnadu in South India. This dance form has rhythm (tala), raga (tune) and Bhava(Expression). This a very traditional piece done in ancient temples in India. It is set in ragam-Nattai and Talam-Adi. 
Dat Nguyen (Contemporary Modern: Creating the Fantastic Moving Body): This class approaches movement as a way to navigate different possibilities of body composition while in motion. We will be playing with shape, transition, transferring weight, following momentum, changing direction, releasing, and other methods to create a “Fantastic Moving Body” – a body that exhilarates in 3D space and time while its composition allows a sculptural quality to be captured in 2D still, and yet we will be staying true to our emotionality and physicality. This class will demand dancers/students make choices within a given phrase. 
Luis Piedra (Contemporary): Description coming soon. 
Travis Prokop (Jazz Fusion): Join in for a feel-good class, with classic elements of jazz fused with the contemporary styles of today. In this class, you will explore footwork patterns, quick weight transitions, intermediate/advanced technique, and expressive style while grooving to fun, upbeat music! 
Travis Prokop (Utilization of Commercial Dance in the Concert World): This class encourages natural, spontaneous movement and personal interpretation. This class focuses on self-expression, awareness of space and body movement, use of body weight, and efficiency of muscle use and body alignment. Examining the worlds of commercial and concert contemporary dance, this class will include a warm up, a small across the floor section, and will conclude in a self-expressive, feel-good combination. 
Joel “Judo” Rivera (All Styles: Hip Hop Fusion/Hip Hop History): ALL Styles is term coined in the Hip Hop community where an individual is dancing, in a circle or battle, but  has the pleasure to mix up different hip hop dance genres and fuse it into their own individual form of movement. The class will have multiple lessons in different styles of Hip Hop (Bboy, House and Popping) AND the students will have the opportunity to mix, meld, and mold their own style through improve and/or choreography. At the end of class, there will be a brief history lesson on the Hip Hop, its origin, its contributors, and its intent. 
Evelyn Toh (Beginning Modern): This is a beginning modern class that explores efficiency and use of circular energy. Students will be challenged to connect to their center and use their breath to move through space with freedom. 
Leah Wierichs (Musical Theatre Jazz): This class will be composed of classic jazz with a Broadway feel. It will include classic jazz progressions and end with a fun, musical theater- style jazz combination.