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Bailando International Dance Festival has developed over the years to include TWO days of Master Classes held at TAMUCC! With a wide variety of styles, every participant can find a full schedule of classes to take both Friday and Saturday. Every year we bring in at least two to three new classes for everyone to experience. Below are the class descriptions from last year.


Samuel Alcorta (Salón Xalapeño: Salsa, Mambo, and Cha Cha Cha) - The Carnival of Veracruz is one of the largest and most recognized carnival celebrations in Latin America. In this workshop, dancers will explore the popular Latin rhythms (Bailes de Salsa) of Salsa, Mambo, and Cha Cha Cha that have been manipulated to reflect the people of Veracruz in a style known as Xalapeno (named for the capital city). These types of dances are performed during the many parades, social gatherings in the plaza and other festivities during Carnival. 

Alexis Anderson (Beginning Modern) - Beginning Modern will explore with beginning/intermediate modern movement. The class will be a fusion of Limon Horton, Graham, Dunham, and Contemporary Modern.

Shate Edwards (Fierce Femme) - Come experience the softer side of hip-hop.  This class features feminine stylized movement within the hip-hop aesthetic.

Shate Edwards (Rhythmic Groove) - Time to get your groove on.  This class explores the relationship between music and movement with an emphasis on rhythmic patterns.

Tristin Ferguson (Hip-Hop) - This class is full of attitude and fierceness! Channel your inner hip hop diva and join us for an intermediate/advanced level of choreography with dynamic movements, footwork, and personality.

Randall Flinn (Advanced Modern/Contemporary) - A dynamic fusion of foundational modern techniques (Graham, Limon, Horton) presented in the relevant movement stylization of today's contemporary training.

Danielle Garza (Street Jazz) - Get your groove on in this Street Jazz class. Core concepts from classical jazz, contemporary and hip-hop dance styles influence the movement. The music in the class drives the upbeat party vibe while also working on grounded, hard hitting, funk movement. Enjoy a versatile class that has you feeling the rhythm while killing it out on the dance floor!

Katia Garza (Beginning/Intermediate Ballet) - Based on Vaganova and Cuban Metodology. A fun class to make the student develop musicality and find the quality of the movement with the music.  It focuses on the strength of the Allegro and Turns.

Katia Garza (Movie: My Life in Dance) - An IRG Productions documentary of Katia Garza about her journey as an international and award-winning ballet dancer.

Melissa Glouchkova (Intermediate/Advanced Ballet) - An appropriate level ballet class focusing on placement, technique, and execution.

Dani Hammack (Modern) - Modern dance technique class with emphasis on the Martha Graham technique where the fundamentals of the contraction and release and spiral are introduced.  Dancers are challenged and encouraged to utilize these tools throughout the class to develop a wider range of movement dynamics.

Gustavo Hernandez (Repertoire Choreography) - In this class, students will work phrases of repertoire choreography assembled by Gustavo Hernandez of Danza Universitaria, Costa Rica.

Rachel Hutto (Classic Jazz) - Let's get back to the 90's and rekindle clear jazz lines, isolations, and syncopations. Rediscover the fun of classic jazz while improve your flexibility, agility, and strength to upbeat music.

Rachel Hutto (Tap) - Exercise the mind as well as the body through rhythmic expression. Develop technique by building flexibility of the ankles, coordination and speed of movement.

Melanie Kregel (Contemporary Ballet) - Class will include a center warm-up and technical work, traveling combinations, and conclude with a combination.  Stressing classical lines and use of the proper alignment, but innovated to be uniquely expressive and challenging.

Seth McPhail (Contemporary Modern) - This class is a combination of modern, gestural movement, floor work, and stylized jazz movements. It focuses on smoothing transitions through the use of weight and flow. This class includes a warm-up/stretch, center and across the floor technique, and an ending combination. Come ready to smile, sweat, and swirl!

Veronica Monestal (Principles of Contact Improvisation) - Contact Improvisation in the sense of touch is considered an important level of personal language from the privacy where one of the most powerful channels communication.  Touch is generated is play, pleasure, calm, accompaniment, discovery, delicacy and touch sensation.  From a surface it allows us to give and receive, but from a point of contact that opens a dialog of inseparable movement between mind and body.

Lorrie Pierce (Bellydance: Single and Double Veil) - Students will learn to dance with single and double veils. Veils for twenty-five students will be provided for class.
Joel Rivera (BBoy/House Movement) - Introduction to Bboy and House basic movement into choreographic form, with added floor and acrobatic trasitions in between. *Knee pads and sweatpants recommended for floorwork.*

Leah Wierichs (Musical Theatre Jazz) - This class will be composed of classic jazz with a Broadway feel. It will include classic jazz progressions and end with a fun, musical theater-style jazz combination.

Golden Wright (Non-Traditional Partnering) - Non-Traditional Partnering is a class for all levels of dancers. This class will help dancers learn how to conquer the fear of partnering and how to partner in a safe manner. The class starts with basic weight sharing and moves to more difficult and exciting lifts.

Veronica Yanez (Beginning Ballet) - This class will feature basic ballet exercises with full barre, center, and across the floor.

Mainor Zamora (Costa Rican Swing) - This class will include a historical summary of the Costa Rican Swing, followed by a warm-up, individual introductory exercises, and working in pairs and trios to combine steps.

2016 class descriptions