Master Classes

Master Classes

Master Classes will be held Friday and Saturday in a variety of dance styles from teachers and professionals from across the North and Central American continents. All classes (minus Tap) will take place in Dugan Wellness Center at TAMUCC. See the 2018 Schedule and Class Descriptions below.



Hip-Hop & Breaking



Folk and Social



2018 Master Class Schedule & Class Descriptions

Carolyn Arwood – Hula ‘Auana (Modern Hula): An introduction to basic Hula ʻauana (modern hula). Students will learn proper posture, hand, foot and hips movements as well as a hula dance. Thru this they will also learn the importance of story thru dance to the Hawaiian people.

Meggie Belisle – Dance Improvisation: This is an open level class where dancers will be exploring possibilities and making discoveries as they connect imagination and sensory perception to moving image within their bodies.

Veronica Boss (Yanez) – Ballet *Scholarship Audition*: Class description coming soon.

Orlando Canova/Morgan Stillman/Jaime Witts – Pas de Deux: Ballet Pas de Deux Class with three professional dancers from Ballet Austin.

Randall Flinn – Advanced Contemporary *Scholarship Audition*: This class is a dynamic fusion of foundational modern techniques (Graham, Limon & Horton) presented in the relevant movement stylization of today’s contemporary training.

Sammy Flores – Hip-Hop: This class will incorporate a variety of old and new urban dance styles. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music and/or instruments. The combinations will be high-energy and encourage the dancers to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style to the movements.

Stephan Laurent – Beg/Int Ballet: Ballet class for intermediate/advanced dancers, using elements of the French technique.

Colette Miller – Jazz/Classic Jazz: This class will focus on movement aesthetics derived from both classical and contemporary jazz concepts.  Musicality and rhythm will be utilized to enhance and assist the movement vocabulary.  Get ready to move and groove through the space during this high energy jazz class!

Shannon Mockli – Contemporary: This class develops from the ground up, focusing on building sensation throughout the body by drawing awareness to the body surfaces contacting the floor at any given moment. This floor work emphasizes mobility and pliability, full articulation of the spine and dynamic use of the core. The class builds toward standing with an emphasis on drawing support for balance and thrust from the floor. Class material is fluid and full, valuing texture with energy, quality and time changes and it will build strength for moving in and out of the floor with speed and efficiency.

Amy Morrow – Gaga Technique: Class description coming soon.

Megan Morrow – Musical Theatre Jazz: Broadway Bound - Come get into the spotlight of all that jazz through this fun and dynamic class.

Andy Noble – Contemporary *Scholarship Audition*: This contemporary class emphasizes aggressive full-bodied movement. Both athletic and sumptuous, exercises delve into concepts of recycling energy, transitional flow, “use of weight”, and dynamic range. The overall class encourages risk taking discovered through spatially challenging and complex phrase work.

Travis Prokop – Int/Adv Contemporary Jazz: This class is an exploration of personal voice, musicality, and groove. A mixture of technique and movement, this class will examine the use of life experience in art and how we can dance from am authentic place.

Joel “Judo” Rivera – Contemporary Floorwork:  Combining modern floor-work with b-boying floor-work, this class will develop movement invention, physical training, and aesthetic exploration to provide dancers with tools needed for growth, evolution, and expansion of movement vocabulary

Joel “Judo” Rivera – 90’s Hip-Hop: A class dedicated to all the house party dances, genres, moves and grooves from the 90's. This class will be a high energy class where students learn early Hip-Hop styles of dance while embodying the movement in their own essence.

Lisa Smith – Contemporary Ballet Fusion: A fusion of classical ballet technique and contemporary movement that emphasizes rhythm, dynamic attack, and versatility through strong attention to phrasing and direction changes.

Stephanie Sermas – Tap Rhythms & Choreography: This class takes as stylistic approach to tap dance and choreography.  The structure of the class takes students through a warm-up, quick skills review, rhythm work, and finally choreography.  Students work to pick up intricate choreography quickly, while applying the stylistic foundations of rhythm tap and hoofing.

James & Kathy Taylor – Russian Character: This class is about Russian Folkloric Dance. While attributed to Russia, the style was enhanced and advanced by gypsies throughout Europe.  Very festive and very physical the dance was used to show off an individual's strength and technique. Within the frame work of this style, the students will be allowed to incorporate their own personal skills or in street lingo, "Bust a Move!" NOTE: Dancers should bring knee pads and ladies should bring character shoes.

Evelyn Toh – Int/Adv Modern: Class description coming soon.

Class Descriptions listed according to Guest Faculty

2019 Master Class Schedule and Descriptions will be available Summer 2019!