Sarah Gonzalez

Class Description

ELEVATED (Heels): Slip on those heels and get ready to bring some high energy to this class! With concepts of commercial jazz and hip-hop movement aesthetics, you will empower your sassy self and assert your presence in the [virtual] room, dancing to upbeat, popular music. This class will feature a brief warm-up, some weight-shifting locomotion, and finally an energetic combination of Intermediate/Advanced level skills. 

Character shoes or chunky heels with strong ankle support are HIGHLY encouraged, but heels are ultimately optional. Class is intended for mature dancers, aged 17 years and up, with a strong understanding of weight placement/shift.

Presenter Bio

Sarah Gonzalez, M.F.A., is a dance educator, choreographer, mover, administrator, and arts enthusiast from Corpus Christi, Texas. Gonzalez received her Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from Sam Houston State University. She has been a dance educator throughout the Corpus Christi community for over a decade, gaining experience in teaching early childhood through the collegiate level. Gonzalez has performed and trained nationally in both commercial and concert forms. Her mission of ensuring growth and sustainability of the dance arts in South Texas continues to drive her forward as she pursues her major goals of creating low-cost and highly accessible visual performance art to increase dance appreciation, and to cultivate future, well-rounded artists and educators in the field. Gonzalez is currently in her fourth year with Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, having most recently been appointed as the new Assistant Professor of Dance. She is also a proud mommy to her wonderful son, Greyson.