Bailando2023 Masterclass Schedule

Dylan Allen - Jazz (Beg/Int): A combination of classic jazz dance techniques to show off rhythm, footwork, athleticism, and musicality. Lots of high energy and quick sequential movement. 

Stacey Allen - Movement, Memory, Migration: A Cultural Dance Experience (Open): Gathering cultural knowledge from a multitude of experiences such as technique classes rooted in Afo-Modern dance, praise dance traditions across the Diaspora, and somatic practices, Movement, Memory, Migration will pull from our archival memories in our bodies and create new memories. This class will flow seamlessly from breathing techniques to jubilant ring shout choreography. Keeping the traditions of Alvin Ailey’s mantra that dance should be delivered back to the people, this class is open to ALL.

Alexis Anderson-Chaves – Contemporary (Beg/Int): This class will focus on equitable ranges of performativity and interpersonal artistry through contemporary dance. The instructor and students will explore authentic connections through Psychodrama techniques, such as Role-reversal and Soliloquy, to explore personal dynamics inside of the class phrase and center repertory.

Argelia Arreola, Martín Rodríguez, Andrea Guarjardo, and Maricarmen Betancourt - Panel Discussion (Open): The panel will discuss their dance backgrounds and life as professional dancers and open up for Q&A.

Argelia Arreola - AfroKorp (Open): In a contemporary way, using as a basis the language of African dance from Guinea and Senegal, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Mexican dance, AfroKorp class proposes to connect, explore, and work the body via rhythm and take it to its most organic and free state. Explosive, rhythmic and dynamic, AfroKorp combines a variety of styles and energies where the body is the main resonator of everything it perceives and that surrounds it. This class focuses on rhythm, speed, agility, and quality of movement in a way that is accessible to dancers and movers of all backgrounds.

Meggie Belisle – Contemporary Ballet (Open): This class goes above and beyond in expansive movement. In this class we encourage you to let go of the rules of ballet and explore greater artistry even at the expense of displaying hyperextended elbows. Throughout class, there will be a handful of “letting go” exercises like simple modern swings and such to aid each dancer in getting out of the ballet mindset. Come enjoy a carefree contemporary ballet class and take up some space.

Meggie Belisle – Contemporary Partnering (Open): This class plays with the use of space, timing, and surrender. In this class we explore the relationship needed to partner effectively in contemporary dance and challenge each other to take greater risks and trust those around us. Be advised that anyone participating in class needs to be willing and able to lift others and be lifted. We will provide as many modifications as we can but want everyone to have a fun and safe time! Come join us for a time of new discoveries and trust as we push the limits together.

Kate Burrill – Sunrise Yoga (Open): Hatha-Vinyasa Flow class meant to warm and stimulate the body from the inside out. Breath, Spirit, and Body awakening to start your day of dance.

Mark Chaves – House (Open Level): House focuses on the collaboration of fast- paced footwork, with explosive movement dynamics. This urban social dance style incorporates African diaspora movement, tap dance technique and jazz funk; which originated from the underground warehouse scene in Chicago and New York City. This class will start with a warm-up that leads into an across the floor, combination exploration and freestyle cypher.

Amberley Altamirano Daniels - Latin Ballroom Fusion: Daniels starts by breaking down the basics of hip movement, foot placement and arm placement before moving into progressions across the floor while learning basic terminology in Latin ballroom. After learning the basics, the class will conclude with an upbeat, sassy combo that will have you feeling like a ballroom pro. *Heels are recommended, but not required*

Elisa De La Rosa – Contemporary Tex-Mex Fusion (Open Level): Dive into various TEX-MEX dance forms such as the Huapango & Cumbia, blended with contemporary dance. Elements of dance improvisation with self and others will also be embedded in the workshop. Vamos a Bailar! We are going to dance!

Arielle Elonys - Commercial Lyrical (Beg/Int): Lyrical dance with a contemporary and commercial dance flare. 

Randall Flinn – Modern/Contemporary (Adv): Mr. Flinn teaches the scholarship audition class this  year which is an inspiring and beautiful modern class incorporating strong influences from both Graham and Limon techniques. 

Sarah Gonzalez – Commercial Jazz (Beg/Int): 

Camillia Holman – Afro-Jazz (Open): Explore a merge of jazz dance with the world of West African and Caribbean dance forms. Participants will experience contemporary dance technique with a Afro Diasporic twist.

Camillia Holman - Foundational Improvisation (Open): Participants will be led through basic improvisation techniques that will end in a small improvisation jam. (If participants are willing we will play with basic contact improv partnering.)

Allen LaPoint – Contemporary (Beg/Int): This class will explore what it means to be a contemporary dancer in todays dance field. Dancers can expect to move through a contemporary warm up, across the floor variations, and then a closing combination. Additionally, some practices in this class will be sourced from the technique of Lester Horton.

Jose Angel Cuevas Machorro – Full Action/Contempoary Floorwork (Int/Adv): This workshop is focused on developing the technical bases necessary for the execution of contemporary dance, seeking the effective application of acrobatic elements and floor work. The methodology is based on an eclectic teaching system, since elements of different movement techniques are mixed, such as contemporary dance, martial arts and street dance, seeking softness, flow, articulation and awareness. While performing technical, physical and creative training.

Marcus Medina - Choreography Fusion/Hip Hop (Open): Mr. Medina is trained and versed in many different styles of dance with a love for urban movement and the versatility that comes with it as well as how much technique can be found in it. His main focus is on hip hop but he also has the ability to move and choreograph with urban inspiration to different genres of music that bring versatility to the Bailando stage.

Hannah Mettler – Broadway Technique Tap (Open Level): Broadway Tap is an iconic style known for its flair and showstopping performance! This class will combine the timeless Musical Theater elements of Broadway productions, with the precision of classic tap steps. Come ready to tap dance to world famous Broadway musicals, and learn pieces of exciting choreography.

Hannah Mettler – Rhythm Tap (Open Level): Rhythm Tap is a vibrant style of tap known for its intricate use of sounds, and rich history of West African and European dance heritage. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced dancer, this class will introduce rhythm and musicality in fun and engaging ways, while teaching timeless tap steps made famous throughout history. Come and enjoy one of the happiest forms of dance in existence!

Travis Prokop – Theatrical Jazz Performance (Int/Adv): In class I encourage authentic, natural, and spontaneous movement with personal interpretation. My classes focus on self-expression, awareness of space and body movement, use of body weight, with efficiency of muscle use and body alignment. Examining the worlds of commercial and concert dance, my classes focus on developing a “personal brand” within dance performance, urging the dancer to develop an ownership of personal style. “What do you want to be known for and how can you show it within your artistry.” Classes include a warmup, an across the floor section and conclude in a self-expressive, feel-good combination.

Edward Truitt – Ballet Technique (Adv): Ballet class with a contemporary flavor. Class will explore elements of classicism fused with contemporary elements and imagery. Class will emphasize technical skill, musicality, artistry, with acute awareness to line, weight shifts, and dynamics – class moves significantly and will be fun..

Mario Vircha – Contemporary Floorwork (Open): Floorwork changes the body's relationship with gravity , and requires dancers to navigate between higher and lower levels (going in and out of the floor”) as well as certain more athletic power moves . It allows dancers to increase their versatility and movement efficiency. Relating floorwork to more technical movement may help students understand how to transition to the ground. The class utilizes simple movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and the release of energy throughout the body in order to activate the relationship between the center and the joints, moving in and out of the ground more efficiently by maintaining a centered state.

Jessica Zamarripa - Horton Technique Levels 1 & 2 (Beg/Int): Dynamic and physical, yet fluid and centered on breath, this Level 1-2 Horton technique class will focus on creating length in the spine and hamstrings while also developing a dancer's musicality and performance quality. Dancers will be introduced to the Horton warm-up structure, acquire strength through some Fortifications and Prelude studies, as well as engage in across the floor progressions that will involve turns and jumps.

Schedule of Events

Class Descriptions listed according to Guest Faculty

All Master Classes and Guest Faculty are subject to change at any time.

Thursday, October 5
6:30 PM - Registration Open in the Performing Arts Center
7:30 PM - Choreography Showcase @ Performing Arts Center

Friday, October 6
9:30 AM - Registration Open in the Dugan Wellness Center
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Masterclasses in the Dugan Wellness Center

7:30 PM - Choreography Showcase @ 
Performing Arts Center

Saturday, October 7
8:00 AM - Registration Open in the Dugan Wellness Center
8:30 AM - Scholarships Audition
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Masterclasses in the Dugan Wellness Center
7:30 PM - Celebration Gala Concert @ 
Performing Arts Center

Master Classes will be held Friday and Saturday in a variety of dance styles from

teachers and professionals from across the North and Central

American continents. All classes (minus Tap) will take place in Dugan Wellness

Center at TAMUCC.